Dennis Wong



Chief Executive Officer




Dennis Wong is the bridge between BAXCO's enduring legacy, shaped by its combined American, Chinese and Vietnamese heritage and BAXCO's destiny as the world's foremost innovation platform and full-scale production center. This enables it to ascend to ever higher and more vital positioning within the global, all-natural food and supplement development-to-delivery supply chain. Our world class, state-of-the-art facility is the embodiment of this reinvention for which Dennis is the driving force.


Dennis is also Founder of the Wong Family Foundation, established in loving memory of his wife, the late Sharon Wong, in honor of her passion for giving back, specifically for bringing hope, healing and the opportunity for a life full of meaning to the least fortunate of our children, the orphans of the world, through food, medicine, shelter and education, and to treat these children especially as our own, as our extended family, to serve a higher cause and calling than the accumulation of material things.  And it is that value system that truly puts Dennis Wong and this extraordinary family enterprise in a league of its own.