Joseph Meuse


Chief Operating Officer


Joseph Meuse, our COO, is tasked with sustaining and continuously upgrading the BAXCO operation and with building a market-focused, inherently entrepreneurial, professionally rigorous, world-class business culture, which, in and of itself, is becoming a competitive differentiator in this space.


Joseph is well cast to this position based on his background and proclivities as a seasoned operator and as a serial entrepreneur himself, starting his first business while at the prestigious College of William and Mary.


Over the next 30 years, Mr. Meuse has started and built over a dozen successful businesses (both US and China based) and in the process has also helped thousands of other US and Asia-based companies execute on their business plans. Sectors of experience span financial services, investment banking, accounting and finance, IT, business consulting and legal services, giving Joe a broad perspective on best business practices and how they can be most effectively transferred across categories.  As a thought leader in operationalizing business transformation, Mr. Meuse has been a regular contributor on TV and radio, including CNN, CNBC and Fox.