As Chief Innovation Officer, Mark’s role is to safeguard BAXCO’s future, guiding its ascent to ever higher levels of relevance in the rapidly expanding and evolving natural health and wellness industry, ensuring that it is positioned to continuously define the high-point in top quality, science-backed formulations, treatments and regiments throughout the NOAM Supply Chain and beyond.  His core strength is in converting well-conceived strategies into stories and narratives of substance designed to resonate with key constituencies – both internal and external – that are essential to the sustainable growth and maximum multiple valuation potential of the enterprise within its expanding universe of clients and partners.


He has crafted winning, multi-dimensional campaigns for emerging, middle market and enterprise size companies in energy, biotechnology, consumer goods and services, digital media, financial services, health care and hospitality sectors resulting in major positioning upgrades, market share gains and sustainable growth upswings leading to significant, wealth-generating transactional events taking place.



Mark Alexander


Chief Innovation Officer