Rosa Ibarra


General Manager

Rosa Ibarra insures that the goals we set are achieved –  on time, on quality and under budget.  She gets it done.  She began with us four years ago as our receptionist, our point person at the front of the house, then moving into accounting where she quickly proved her worth as a very practical, no nonsense analyst, then elevating to the role of Warehouse Manager, again, quickly mastering the complex functions of the back of the house.  Her rapid ascent is based on her enormous capacity to actively learn by doing, by being immersed in the details with a keen understanding of the big picture coupled by an extraordinary work ethic and capacity to motivate others.


Also deeply involved in public service, Rosa is a driving force when it comes to recruiting, team building and fund raising for the Junior Foundation of Charities locally, helping kids with cancer reclaim their childhoods.  That’s her nature.  Which is why she is a natural with us.